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The Coast to Coast Route in Detail


The map shows the main Coast to Coast route together with the seasonal variations at Nine Standards Rigg. The Blue Route (August to November) is shown in blue, and the Green Route (December to April) is shown in green. Other of Wainwright's suggested alternatives are shown in dashed-red.


Download the main Coast to Coast GPS route file as a .gpx file by CLICKING HERE (or right-click and select "save Link as...").

To open the map in a new full window CLICK / TAP HERE

[+] Zoom-in control [-] Zoom-out control  Zoom in & Zoom out; drag map to Pan.

Click / Tap anywhere on the map (other than on a Route Feature) to open a pop-up box showing the OS Grid Reference at that location.

[ ] Toggle stripmap control  Show/Hide Skyware strip-map coverage. Click / Tap on a strip-map outline for further information.

[o] Geo-tracking control  Start continuous Geolocation-tracking. Your location is shown as a blue dot. If not within the current map area, zoom out until visible.

Click / Tap subsequently to open a pop-up box showing the OS Grid Reference of your current location, and the accuracy range.

The Geolocation-tracking feature can be erratic at times, so please don't rely on it.

To turn Geolocation-tracking OFF, refresh the browser window.

[?] Toggle stripmap control  Help Tips.

[ ] Reset North control  Resets the map with North upwards. Visible only when the map is rotated.

This should only be used as an AID to navigation - signals are lost and batteries fail. You should use the appropriate Skyware Guide or map, with a compass for PRIMARY navigation.