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Harrogate Urban Walks



Devised and written by Harrogate Group of the Ramblers.

Four local walks in built-up Harrogate: a North Walk, a West Walk, a South Walk and an East Walk.

4 Harrogate Urban Walks

Each one is 4 to 5 miles in length, ideal for Harrogate residents who would like a good half-day walk and healthy exercise close to home. The walks all start and finish at Harrogate Bus Station, but they can be joined en route at any place that is convenient - perhaps one of the routes goes down the road where you live. Visitors to Harrogate may also find the walks of interest. Those who would like a longer local walk might wish to do the Harrogate Urban Circle Walk which combines sections of each of the four walks into an attractive and varied 10 miles or 6 miles circuit.

The walks go along local paths and ginnels, quiet suburban roads and through Harrogate's green spaces, not just the Valley Gardens, Pine Woods, and the Stray, but the many attractive small green spaces that can be found throughout Harrogate. The Stray is crossed and walked beside several times, each time on a different path.

The walks not only provide healthy exercise, they are an exploration on foot of built-up Harrogate.

They visit places of interest (some with informative plaques), go to good local viewpoints, and provide an illustration of how Harrogate has developed as a town. Harrogate is also a particularly well-wooded town, and the walks go through woodland, along tree-lined roads and paths, and past many fine mature individual trees.

All of the walks are firm under foot, and largely mud-free. This makes them a particularly good choice for a winter walk. They are also brilliant walks in spring when the trees and shrubs are full of blossom, and the leaves are just coming out. They are colourful walks in October and early November when the autumn leaves are at their best.

The route descriptions and maps should enable walkers to navigate the routes without difficulty. However, as back-up, it might also be useful to take a Harrogate street-map with you.