Under Open Skies...

Take a virtual 3-D tour of A Dales High Way with Google Earth

Fly over the route of A Dales High Way with a 3-D virtual tour courtesy of Google Earth.From the historic mill village of Saltaire cross Rombalds Moor to Skipton. Fly over the stunning limestone landscape of Malhamdale and around the dramatic summit of Ingleborough. Zoom down Dentdale and sweep along the ridge over the velvety Howgill Fells. Finally cross the Orton Fells into the Eden Valley to finish at Appleby-in-Westmorland. 

Just install Google Earth and link to Skyware's Tour. 
Then click and enjoy a breathtaking journey of 90 miles in 20 minutes.
It's easy and it's free!

1. Install Google Earth

If you haven't already done so. 

Go to http://earth.google.co.uk/ 
and click on the Download Google Earth button.
Google Earth is free.

Check your system requirements here.

2. Open Google Earth.

(A) In the Layers Panel,
under Primary Database,
Make sure that the check box marked 3D Buildings is ticked.

This gives a 3-D view of the terrain on Google Earth.

It is best to leave all the other check boxes unticked, so as not to clutter the view.

Make sure you TICK the "Terrain" check box

3. Add the Dales High Way tour link.

(B) From the Add menu, select Network Link.

From the ADD menu select NETWORK LINK
(C) When the Network Link dialog box opens, copy in the Link address:


Also add a name for the link; Dales High Way Tour.

Click OK.

Make sure you type in the Link address exactly as above, with the capital letters as shown and no spaces or full stop at the end.

Enter the link address and press OK

4. Select the Dales High Way Tour.

(D) Your link to the Dales High Way Tour should now show in the Places panel.

Tick the check box next to it.

Make sure no other check boxes in the panel are ticked.

When the Tour is added to PLACES, tick the check box.

5. Start the tour.

(E) Click the Play folder tour button at the foot of the Places panel.

The tour will now start.

You can control the tour by using the Control panel which appears at the foot of the main window.

If the Play folder tour button is not showing, try clicking on Sightseeing above.

Click the TOUR ICON to start the tour
You can change options such as the speed of the fly-by and the relative height of the terrain, by clicking on the Tools menu, and selecting Options.