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Skayware Sampler - sampleSkyware Sampler

The Skyware Sampler pack:
A choice selection of some of the finest Skyware Publications
and detailed info on other Skyware routes -
all together in one promotional package.
Price: £4.99 


The SKYWARE SAMPLER Pack gives a great introduction to the maps and guides published by Skyware Press.

It includes AT LEAST THREE Skyware publications, with a value of MORE THAN THREE times the cost of the pack.

There is a degree of POT LUCK as to what is included in your pack, but you can be sure that you will find a fine selection of our work to inspire you, some of it EXCLUSIVE to this offer from Skyware.

All for LESS THAN A FIVER! POST FREE! That's great value!

[ Photo shows just one example of what might be contained in a Sampler Pack. Pack shown contains 4 publications: "Heart of the Pennine Way"; "Yorkshire Three Peaks Route Guide"; "Jerry Pearlman Way" and "50 Years of the Dales Way", together with information leaflets on routes including "Lady Anne's Way"; "The Dales Way"; "A Dales High Way" and the current Skyware catalogue ].



(Sampler available in the UK only).



Skyware Routes

Ths Skyware Sampler will include Skyware guides to some of these routes and information on others.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks

A Dales High Way

The Dales Way

Lady Anne's Way

The Pennine Way

A Coast to Coast Walk

The Jerry Pearlman Way

Dales Rail Trails